Thanksgiving week Family Reunion

We spent thanksgiving week with family in a rented home in Bountiful, Utah. There were 22 of us in one house! We all had a great time, got some family pictures (thanks to Liz), and all the kids got to know each other– some for the first time.

We held a ‘birthday party’ for everyone and had Christmas presents for everyone.

img_0345   img_0348 img_0349 img_0350 img_0351 img_0352 img_0353   img_0356 img_0357 img_0358   img_0361  img_0363 img_0364 img_0365 img_0366 img_0367

We had time to get to talk as small and large groups

img_0369 img_0370 img_0371

There was a play room for the kids, that they used a LOT


I would often find the children in small groups playing with each other

img_0375 img_0376  img_0378  img_0380 img_0381 img_0382 img_0383 img_0384 img_0385

The children would make cards for us and each other

img_0386 img_0387 img_0388 img_0389

We also had a chance to go to Chucky Cheese, for a break?



img_0393 img_0394 img_0395 img_0396 img_0397 img_0398 img_0399

Then it was back to the house again

img_0402  img_0404

At one point I found the ‘girls’ dancing in the kitchen to music playing on Terri’s machine


Then, of course, there was the need for family pictures, taken by Liz

img_0416 img_0417  img_0420

It was fun to watch the parents try to get the kids attention. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes the children just screamed anyway…



img_0424 img_0425 img_0427

As we were leaving, some last minute pictures were taken

img_0429 img_0430 img_0431 img_0432

We all had a great time, and have a lot of memories to treasure. Happy Holidays!

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Clawson Halloween

First time going with the kids for Halloween. It was also the first time for some of the kids (who have been living in Brazil) !

Mike and Tamy did a great job on their house

img_0193 img_0194  img_0196

A vampire named Piter    img_0201

The crew is all set to go: Robbie (looks exactly like Harry Potter!), Gabe the zombie, Lita the vampiress? And Jack …

img_0202    img_0206  img_0208

It took most people a while to get this one…

img_0209 img_0210 img_0211 img_0212

While we went out into the cold (I came in early), Terri stayed at home to give out treats.


Not sure this fits the halloween theme, but…


The kids counting out how much loot they got. They even shared a little with me!

img_0215 img_0216 img_0217 img_0218

It was a good night for them. Mike’s area was very busy with lots of kids. Liz, however, had her normal 2-3 visitors– a typical slow night.

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Morning walks and bike rides

One of the blessings of being home is being able to go on walks with our grandchildren. On this morning Ben, Grae (the dog), and I went for a walk. img_0108   img_0111   img_0114  img_0116 img_0117 img_0118

In addition to walks, some of us are re-learning how to ride a bike!

img_0119 img_0120 img_0121

The weather has been nice here, but getting chilly. We are trying to take advantage of the warmer weather while it lasts!

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The birthday party

Terri and I have been waiting to celebrate our birthdays at Benihana, but never could get the timing right with the family. We finally got to do this on Saturday night.

Lita has the chef’s hat on, Terri, Jaime, Liz, and Kael


Liz, Kael, Gabe, Ben, Robbie


Jeremiah, Mike, Piter, Tamy


We had not one, but two great chefs to entertain and feed us!

img_0188  img_0190

We were even able to get a group picture!

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The great pumpkin

Yesterday was the great pumpkin race at Daybreak. We had a fun time with the family.


There was a LOT of people, and they had some food trucks, etc. This was right across the street from Liz.

img_0091 img_0092

We had to wait a while, but then they finally got into their huge pumpkins to start the race.

img_0093 img_0094 img_0095 img_0096 img_0097

It was a great day for family. Hard to believe Terri is in jeans! We were sitting with our oldest son Mike, with his wife Tamy (holding their newest son Piter) with Robbie, Gabe and Lita.

img_0098 img_0099 img_0100 img_0101

They have several races, with some spills, and most were wearing costumes… and for those interested in politics, Hilary Clinton won the race…

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Misc family updates

I guess it’s time to update some things that have been going on. Today we went to hear my son Jeremiah speak at his new ward (he was just called to be in the Elders Quorum Presidency). It’s weird to be able to go see our children and grandchildren participate in the gospel! In fact, we have yet to even attend our real (new) ward… We attended our old ward just after getting back, then it was General Conference, then we got to go see our grandchildren in a primary program, and this week we saw our son JJ give a talk…perhaps next week we can go to our real ward and me our new Bishop.

We have also been able to see soccer games and attend Family Home Evenings, etc. We are relishing it as though it won’t last.


Terri and our granddaughter Lita (visiting from Brazil)


Terri at her birthday party at JJ’s. The cake was made by our newest daughter-in-law Tamy. Yes, she is 62 and I am 64 this year…


Our grandson Gabe (tall on the right) at soccer game


Terri and our daughter Liz enjoying the sun at the soccer game


My online cooking school product: still learning about salads… maybe move up to soups next year?


Family Home Evening with the grandchildren who decided to play a musical number or two! Gabe, Kael, and Ben


Lita leaping over stuff while the boys play music in the background


My oldest son Mike being coach for the day at indoor soccer (usually JJ is coach), with Gabe and Kael

As you can see, we are enjoying our time at home!

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Kevan and Terri adjusting…

Well, Terri and I are slowly getting adjusted to ‘real life.’ Although it is already cold here, so I miss the islands already!

We have been able to see most of our children and grandchildren–the only ones left are our Mexican family who live in Mexico City. They will be coming for Thanksgiving, so we will be able to see them then.

We went to our ‘old’ Ward two weeks ago, to meet our bishop for the first, and last, time. The Ward split after we left, and just split again as we came home…so we had never met our bishop, and will not be in his ward now that we are home! We will be visiting our new ‘permanent’? ward this Sunday.

Terri got me an online cooking course for my birthday, so I have been starting to learn how to cook (I guess it is about time, since I have been cooking for Terri for over 11 yrs now!). The course starts with salads…


Well, its a start! I already do pretty good soups…but I’m sure I will learn some things.

Terri is busy studying and actively looking for work as a PA in South Jordan, UT. She wants to start work after the first of the year (after all of our partying is done 🙂 And I will be starting to write a book, I think, perhaps, hopefully…

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