Moving to Martin, South Dakota

As most of you know by now, Terri and I have moved to Martin, South Dakota. Terri accepted a job at the local medical clinic / hospital / nursing home. As amazing as it sounds, Martin is more isolated than Tinian was! We are about an hour away from any other town, and about 3 hours away from a large town: Rapid City (which also has an airport).

Coming into Martin from the North, Martin is a small oasis amid miles and miles of open grassland and farms.

This is a view of Main Street (hey, there is ONE light in the town!

This is where Terri works.

This is the view from her office window…

This is our home in Martin. It is a real house, with a fenced-in yard! It has been over 5 years since we have lived in a house: when living in Conn. while Terri was going to school, we lived in a Studio apartment; and while living on Tinian we lived in a one-room apartment on the second floor of a small motel. So our new 4-room home is like a mansion!

As you open the gate, there is a small garden, and a small covered porch, where the one access to the house is located.

We have a small back yard with a shed.

A view of the house and porch from the back yard.

As you enter the home, you come into the kitchen, where we have a small table, and a REAL stove (while living on Tinian I had a one-burner camp stove, and a microwave, but no stove).

This leads into our living room, where we have a futon that can fold down into a bed. It is quite large (about the size of our apartment on Tinian!)

The other part of the house includes a bathroom with shower

There is a small bedroom that also serves as a wash room: it has a washer and dryer and water heater along one wall.

On the other side of the house is a larger bedroom where we can put a queen bed.

Well, that is the short tour of where we are living. We love the country, and the people have been very kind and welcoming.

We also (after a LOT of investigation), found out where we will be going to church: on the Rosebud Indian reservation, about an hour’s drive east of Martin.

This is our LDS Chapel. It is small, but adequate for the needs of the small congregation.

Unlike the large chapels most are familiar with, ours has four rows of pews. There are about 20 members of the congregation. Terri and I, along with a young couple working near Rosebud, are the first new members the congregation has had in a long time… so there seemed to be a lot of rejoicing going on!

Like other LDS chapels, there is a small carpeted ‘gym’, and then a few classrooms in the back.

When we lived on Tinian we had ONE meeting, that lasted about an hour (we had 4-5 members that gathered in our small apartment each week). We would have the sacrament, then give a lesson out of the Priesthood/Relief Society Manual (or watch a Conference talk). Each week I would report to the Branch president on Saipan via email.

Martin has TWO meetings: a normal sacrament meeting, and then a combined Priesthood / Relief Society meeting, where they also use the Priesthood / Relief Society manual to give a lesson. They also hold primary for the few children that attend.

Well, that’s it for now. We have been very busy– Terri getting used to her new work, and I have been busy with our new books. The Enhanced New Testament is supposed to ship today, so we will have books in hand next week sometime! We have been working on advertising, etc., and so far things are looking good (Deseret Book is already selling the book online, and Seagull Book will also be selling the book). Time will tell whether it becomes popular with the public.

I will be returning to Salt Lake for a few weeks, and then returning with a U-Haul with some of our own furniture and stuff. Then Liz and I take the long trip to Brazil to see Michael, Pri, Robbie, Gabe, and our new granddaughter Carmalita.

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2 Responses to Moving to Martin, South Dakota

  1. Jennifer Asplund says:

    Terri looks so stylish standing in the chapel! I guess the advantage is you don’t have to get there an hour early just to get a seat.

  2. L Lionel kendrick says:

    We miss the two of you in the Ward. I want to thank you for your kindness in leaving your books for me. Your New Testament books will be a blessing in our study of the New Testament this coming year. They will be a valuable addition to my library. You are a detailed researcher, a deep thinker and a very good writer.

    Bishop Kendrick

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