Santos, Brazil

Elizabeth and I are in Santos, Brazil visiting Mike and Pri and Robbie and Gabe and… Carmelita (Lita for short), whose birthday we are celebrating.

Mike has a beautiful apartment on the 14th floor of a building that looks over the beach.

There is a large living room with a wide view of the beach, a kitchen, laundry, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

It looks professionally decorated (Mike and Pri have put in a lot of work to ‘upgrade’ their apartment to look as good as it does).

This is the view from the window. It is a very short walk across the street to the beach.

Of course, the main reason we are here is to be introduced to ‘Lita’. She will celebrate her 1st birthday, and be blessed in church while we are here.

She is a beautiful girl (we now have two girls! Eve and Carmelita… who would have believed it after five boys!)

Lita and I share a moment together…

Of course, I can’t forget Robbie and Gabe!

One of the favorite pastimes is to play games on the computer/tv

The birthday party for Carmelita was spectacular. It took two days to set-up the food and decorations. Pri had lots of help from her family and friends.

Lita was all dressed up for her party!

Midway through the party it was time for pictures and cutting the cake.

We even got into the act!

Pri tries to light the candle…

Here is Pri’s family: Pri’s father (Pai) Edison (Avo grandfather), Pri’s brother Chiago, Mike and Lita, Pri’s mother (Mae) Jussara (Avo’ grandmother), Pri, and below, Gabe and Robbie.

Here is Pri with more family and friends

The birthday girl taking time to play

After the party was over and the guests had left, the next party started: here is Mike and Chiago playing ‘guitar hero’

Lita’s favorite: Pri’s father, Edison

Liz playing guitar hero– who knew? She even got a perfect score! Made all the ‘boys’ cry…

The next day we went to the beach and then to Pri’s parents home for dinner. Here is Chiago outside in the courtyard doing some painting before dinner.

Robbie and Gabe playing in the courtyard before dinner

Pri’s father barbecuing our dinner using one of the barbeques Mike won in the contest that took him to New York and the Today Show!

The food was a wonderful end to a great day in Brazil.

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