The blessing of little Lita

Sunday was a special day for the Brazil Clawsons: little Carmelita was blessed by Michael. The days leading up to Sunday were full of activity for the kids.

Mike and Pri are in full swing celebrating the Christmas season

It is a beautiful view along the Santos coast. Mike, Robbie, Gabe and I took a long walk along the beach.

Gabe and Robbie pose along the way

And here they are riding some of the local wildlife

By the time we returned it was getting dark, but the lights along the beach lit our way home

Just a sidetrack: this is the ‘water heater’ for the shower! The shower head heats up the water as it comes out! The more water you turn on, the colder it gets… just the opposite of a normal facet. But it works great!

The birthday girl ponders her fate: she is blessed by Michael tomorrow!

Here is part of the family waiting outside the church for the ‘girls’ : Pri and Lita

Here is the family posing in front of the church with Carmelita after the blessing. Mike blessed her in Portuguese (of course), but we taped it and hope to get it translated for us poor englishmen!

I took this picture so Ariadne could be in the picture. She is a great family friend and help to Pri.

Lita resting in the arms of her Brazil grandparents after her long taxing day. Blessings can take a lot out of a little girl!

Thiago and his new daughter Rafaela waiting for dinner

Thiago, Kathia and Rafaela sharing a few moments before dinner

Some of the wonderful food prepared by Pri’s mom: the joke of the evening was the picture of Christ blessing the salad…

Gabe got his diner first

The table is set, and the food ready for a great feast (rice with a shrimp sauce, fresh salmon, salad, and gasbacho?… all of which had a seafood theme.

After dinner it was time to play. Here is Pri and Robbie playing Guitar Hero. No one wants to play with Liz– she beats everybody, and often ends up with a perfect score…

If all of that food and partying was not enough… at about 11pm we all went to Pri’s parents house for fresh crab and Michael’s special apple cobbler (yes, Mike can actually cook something beside steak!). It was a great end to a wonderful day…

Then we all went home to bed!

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