The bags are packed…. are we ready to go?

Just thought I would try to keep you updated on our schedule of events:

1. Currently we are not doing anything…but learning French. We study every day for numberless hours, we have lessons over the internet 3 times a week on skype, and drive into the MTC in Provo twice a week for 8 hours of french immersion. Then we study more on the weekends…

2. We leave for a short trip to PA to see Terri’s parents Thursday Feb 7 5pm and return Monday Feb 11 10:30 am

3. Our ‘farewell’ is the next sunday at our local church (the same one Jessica Griesemer attends) the Daybreak 9th ward, just north of South Jordan Parkway. Feb 17 at 9:00 am

4. I assume we will be set-apart that same day, but don’t know for sure, it could be the next weekend.

5. We ‘officially’ enter the MTC on Monday Feb 25 at 10 am. We stay there one week for training, then spend another week in Salt Lake for additional training– I beleive at the Church office building. We
assume that we will stay in Daybreak during that time.

6. After that, we have a ‘free’ weekend, as we do our final preparations for departure. We then fly out of Salt Lake on British Air Tues March 12 at 11:30 am (we have to get to the airport very early) We then start our 41+ hour flight to the Congo:

slc to chicago to london to Johanesburg south africa to lubumbashi Congo (where the mission home is)… and land on Thurs afternoon! We stay in the mission home for a week or two, then fly out to our assigned area: Mbuji Mayi

We have lots of emotions going on at the same time: lots of excitement, a little fear, anxiety, a large dose of hope, and a mustard seed of faith.

Mission suitcases

Terri has done a great job preparing us for the trip (I have been a slug and have not done much prep, I must admit). We have two large suitcases, and two small suitcases, and will each have a backpack to take on the plane with us. (we have pre-packed everything to see if it will all fit, and so far so good… although we are still ‘rearanging’ stuff to try to keep all the suitcases under the 51 lbs weight limit of British Air).

I think we would have made it with room to spare, but people in the mission keep giving us lists of things to bring to them that they cannot get in the Congo! C’est la vie!

Well, I must get back to my studies. J’ai besoin de etudie chaque minute!
au revoir, pour mainenant…
Frere Kevan Clawson

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One Response to The bags are packed…. are we ready to go?

  1. Robert Davis says:

    Frère Clawson. Nous sommes “dans le même bateau”. J’apprends le français tour les jours. J’ai commencé à faire mes valises, et nous allons entrer dans le MTC en dix jour. Alors, le grand voyage et aventure au DR Congo, Lubumbashi Mission. Comme vous, nous avons un mélange d’excitation, un peu de peur, et plusieurs d’autres sentiments. Quelques choses doit on prendre au Congo, qui sont difficile d’obtenir là?

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