Odds and ends

Mwene Ditu (6)

Just thought I would add some pics and random thoughts to the blog. This is an outdoor baptismal font at Mwene-Ditu

Road to Mbuji Mhai (14) this, and even bigger trucks like them, are what make the ruts in the dirt road so deep. At one point on our journey back from Laputa, one of these trucks was stuck in the road–the driver was no where to be found! We ended up having to tear-down part of the jungle, and move a tree that had fallen in the road, in order to ‘sneak’ our vehicles by the large truck. With all of us working together, we were able to lift and move the tree. Terri has a video of this, if we could ever upload it (the internet here is poor).

Relief Soc meal Laputa (10)

The pot in the front right is Foo Foo, they look like balls of dough or clay. They have no taste: they only add flour and water– no salt or other flavoring. The only flavoring comes from what you eat with it.

This was at the Relief Society lunch in Laputa. Foo Foo (also FuFu) is a combination of corn meal and casaba… I think? Will have to look it up. As you can see, the end result are balls that look like dough, but are much harder, like clay.

Relief Soc meal Laputa (8)

This is all that is left of the sacrificial goat…

ngandanjika (6)

Our two fabulous drivers, Serg and Omar, who got us through the wilderness and back to Mbuji Mayi. Serg works for the LDS Church FM group, while Omar, I believe, is an independent driver that is used often,

Yesterday and today we were at the Lakasi District Conference (a District is like a Stake, only it has Branches instead of Wards, and is overseen by the Mission Pres instead of a local Stake Pres– just one more thing on Pres McMullen’s plate!).

While there, we stayed in a fabulous motel, ate great food, and had a hot shower! We also were fortunate to be out of Lubumbashi… seems they had a little ‘incident’ with a local rebel group called the Mai Mai… you can look up the details…

We are back in Lubumbashi, and will start a new week. Terri begins her work as Mission Medical in earnest– she already has lots of ideas (who would have ever guessed that!), and I attend the Const. Seminars being given to the return missionaries (how’s my French?).

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