Pres. McMullen

Mwene Ditu (8) Mwene-ditu

Laputa Zone Conf (24) Laputa

Pres. McMullen front left, presiding over Zone Conference in Laputa (look at all those great Elders!)

I have been very impressed with Pres. McMullen–his demeanor, his organizing and delegating ability, and most importantly, his desire and ability to get the most out of his missionaries! I have been doing missionary work for a long time (over 15 years…), and Terri and I are fortunate to have landed in a mission that has a great mission president.

ngandanjika (11) The silver containers on the table are water filters the Church uses. In areas without water pressure, the elders must ‘pump’ water through the filters.

Pres. McMullen helping the elders ‘pump’ unclean water from a yellow bidon, through the filters, and into bottles for drinking water.

This is the first time I have been in a mission home long enough to get a feel for the amount of work it takes to run a mission. It is astonishing! Rental homes, cars, travel, medical, transfers, etc.– all on top of the REAL work: making sure the elders are working hard and teaching correct doctrine, keeping safe, and training new elders. It is like running a small country!

Of course, he has lots of help (which is why we are here), but he is still the one that has to run the whole thing, solve problems, and somehow keep ‘spiritually in-tune’ all at the same time.

Tavel to ngandanjika (17)

Pres. McMullen ‘overseeing’ yet another car stuck in the mud. We were all nervous and anxious–he was calm, patient, and just seemed to know that everything would be fine, it was simply one of many small problems he has to endure, but always overcomes.

ngandanjika (12)

Pres. McMullen in Nganajika hotel, taking just a brief moment to himself (well, he was taking calls, texting, and going over the next day’s items of business—if you call that a moment to himself?).

We have gotten to know the McMullen’s a little over the past week or so, as we have spent a lot of time in the car driving with them. The more I get to know them, the more I like and admire them–and the more I want to serve in a way to aid them in the work.

I just hope that Terri and I will be able to take some of the burden off his shoulders. It is tough, since we still struggle with the language. All we can do is try.

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