Construction in Lubumbashi

One of the things I was to do this week was to attend some of the construction classes being held for return missionaries. The church teaches them construction skills, then gives them hands-on training by hiring them to help build local chapels.

The training is in two phases: there is 3 months of in-class training, with a great const. manual from BYU, then an additional 6 months of in-field training during the construction of local chapels. After the school is completed, sometimes they continue to work on building chapels, and at other times they go to other companies to work. It is a brilliant idea.

Kisanga LDS Church (2) This is the large chapel area in Kasanga being built (this will be a new stake center when it is finished).

Mwembila 0422 (3) This is an open court yard area, with classrooms on either side, and the baptismal font in front of us (they were working on pouring the last bit of concrete around the font). This is in Mwimila, where a new chapel is being built. The two buildings are almost identical, except the Stake Center is larger.

Mwembila 0422 (18)

Mwemba Const 0426 (10)

Kisanga 0412 (17) Kisanga Stake Center

The dark area is parking, the long area to the right is the Chapel/cultural hall, the other rectangles are classrooms, and the small square at the bottom left is the bathrooms.

Since there is no classwork at this time, they gave me a copy of the BYU const. manual, which I am studying (in French, of course!). I am also helping around the office, and studying French whenever I can.

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