I’m Meestuh, not Seestuh!


The church building in Luputa has a 3-bedroom “hotel” behind for those of us visiting the  area for church business. Behind the hotel is a large grassy area. When I arrived, there were some children playing there. Two trucks loaded with 9 people, 4 of whom are white, certainly raised a buzz quickly. I soon had loads of children surrounding me!

I soon found out that I am called Mee-stuh, not Sister (or Sœur) as I had expected. It was Meestuh, Meestuh, comment dites cela (how do you say this [in English])? It started with body parts and clothing and then turned into a mad dash to find things on the ground and in trees to translate. Through many contortions, one boy wanted to know what you call a “lance-pierres” (slingshot) and then an “arc et la flèche” (bow and arrow).

The boy in green followed me for the two days I was there waiting patiently to engage whenever I was free and then it was “Meestuh, Meestuh!”

So, I’m Meestah, not Seestah.

About tclawson

I am a PA (physician assistant) currently currently serving a mission with my husband, Kevan, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are serving on St. Martin/Sint Maarten in the West Indies Mission.
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