Terri gets better

Terri is almost back to normal. Just a few more days and she should be back to work full-time.

CMC Clinic The local clinic Terri went to, run by a group from France, I think

I returned to the clinic on Monday to pay the bill for Terri’s medical care here. She was in the clinic two days, and had every medical test they could do (with their limited resources), and had two days of care and drugs. The total cost? $1, 007,200 ! — in Congo Francs…

Actual cost in dollars: $1,085  very cheap for the care she received

IMG_1239 One ‘truck’ used in the Congo

stake conf general session (137) The other ‘truck’ often seen on the streets of the Congo.

Local truckOn the way back from the clinic I shot this. This is the typical ‘truck’ used in the Congo: a two wheeled box, carted by hand/foot, that they use to carry everything and anything. It is either this, or a simply bicycle. It is incredible to see them going up a hill (usually a 2-3 man job), as they try to pull/push these up steep hills– and it is even more difficult coming down the other side, because none of them, even the bikes, have brakes of any kind!

Justin & family (1) Justin and family– with new baby

On Sunday I went to church with the McMullen’s while Terri stayed home recovering. It was fast Sunday (our General Conf. is not for two weeks), and Justin was blessing his new baby girl. Justin is a local bishop that also works in the Mission Office. He speaks good English, and so is a great help to all of us– both for the English translation, and for the cultural insight into the local people.

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