City sights

school girls Three school girls fighting

While driving around the city of Lubumbashi, one sees all kinds of interesting sights. Often I miss taking the picture, or the picture does not do justice to what I am seeing. These three school girls were fighting over something– half playing, half serious– and they all looked like they would be going into the hole next to them as I took this picture!

road sellers 3 A small roadside market

There are small stores and impromptu markets everywhere, selling everything you can imagine– from ONE shoe, to bags of something, to dirt, food, bike  parts… anything they have, can get, don’t need, etc., is put on sale on the side of the road.

road sellers 2 A dirt salesman

road sellers 1 In many areas, large trucks pull onto the side of the road– ten or twenty at a time– open the back, and start selling.

We tend to stick to the ‘stores’, at least until we get to know the area better. Since we have to wash everything once it gets home, I’m not sure the store is any better than what we could get at these impromptu markets.

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