Farewell mes amis

This week we said farewell to a group of 11 missionaries who had completed their 2-year term of service here in the Congo. They had a final interview with the mission President, had a short testimony meeting, then had a great dinner prepared by Soeur McMullin. After dinner, the Eastmans, the Wrights, and Emanuel and his wife entertained the group. The last song, of course, was ‘God be with you till we meet again!”

Farewell 3

Long tables were set, and lots of food provided (Terri is sitting front, just to the right).

Farewell 1

Sister McMullin is always very thoughtful, and has ‘Foo Foo’ prepared for the missionaries– some of whom do not get their ‘normal’ food often, depending upon where they are serving.

Farewell 2

The food was dished up in the kitchen, then taken to the tables. Two sister missionaries, and Emanuel, are working their way around the table. Most everyone had at least two helpings, not counting dessert!


From left to right: Frere & Soeur Wright, Frere & Soeur Eastman, Pres. McMullen


One elder was so inspired by their music, he just had to get up and dance!


There was quite a crowd, as everyone from the Mission Office was also in attendance!


Sister McMullin was ‘filming’ for her family, and later, had the entire group sing ‘happy birthday’ to her daughter while filming– it was fun to hear the groups ‘english’… I don’t feel so bad with my French now!

It was a wonderful evening for all– and they have to do it all over again in two days, as a whole group of NEW missionaries arrive!

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