On Fridays I travel to Kisanga to see the new Stake Center being built, and on Mondays, I travel to Mwimbila to see the new chapel being built there.

Mwimbila LDS Church (7) Here is a line of classrooms being built

The steel for the roofing was just being installed

Mwembila 0422 (21) This is an open courtyard, classrooms on either side, and the open baptismal font facing you

Mwembila 0422 (23) putting the first bean over the baptismal font

They are doing a good job, with little qualified help: there are a few personnel from the Italian company that is running the project, a few locals that have some experience, and our group of return missionaries that are being trained.

Mwembila 0422 (14) The cross beams and roofing material

Mwembila 0422 (15) The ‘rock quarry’

There is a job for everyone… excess and unusable material (such as concrete, brick, etc.) is being hammered into smaller pieces to use for fill, then covered with soil, and compacted down– creating a slope in the terrain for water run-off (an important thing here during the rainy season). They don’t waste anything!

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