TP masembe stadium

The same company that is building our chapels was also involved in building the new soccer stadium in Lubumbashi. We had a guided tour from a senior company manager, to show us some design details that would be similar to the ones being used on the chapels.

TP Masembe Stadium (21) The large, one year old stadium

TP Masembe Stadium (24) There are just four light poles, one in each corner, to light the stadium

One of the benefits of visiting the stadium was the discovery of the green portable toilets! I had talked to Fernand about these (he had never seen one), and how easy they are, and useful, at a construction site– they simply dig a hole in the ground now, and put a large ‘bag’ in the hole… When he had a first-hand look at these, he got very excited and got all the info about them!

TP Masembe Stadium (16) The corridor leading out to the field

TP Masembe Stadium (11) of course their are luxury boxes– this one is for the mining company– with first-class accommodations

TP Masembe Stadium (10) Inside one of the luxury boxes (one is reserved for the President)

TP Masembe Stadium (12) They have a very modern press box

TP Masembe Stadium (22) Like in the States, the players are treated like royalty– with all kinds of perks and accommodations

TP Masembe Stadium (23) spas, saunas, pools, etc.

TP Masembe Stadium (25) The owner’s office was spectacular

TP Masembe Stadium (26) A large meeting room, and a bar for entertainment

TP Masembe Stadium (27) Of course, there is reason for all the money being spent– they seem to be quite a good team!

TP Masembe Stadium (18) once back outside the luxurious stadium, we all come back to the reality… that is the Congo!

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