Construction progress

Just thought I would give you a couple of pics showing the construction progress being made at Kasapa Stake Center. We have recently found three new apartments in the area to move missionaries into (many missionaries are sharing apartments right now, as we cannot find the apartments for them to use–so they have to travel to their areas using the local taxis).

Mwemba Const 0426 (8) The steel is now being installed

Mwemba Const 0426 (11) Typical courtyard– baptismal font in front of you, classrooms on either side, chapel is behind you.

Mwemba Const 0426 (14) The chapel walls are still being worked on

Fish Market (2) the Fish Market

On the way to the new construction site we always pass the very busy fish market– a large open air market along the road.

Fish Market (4) It is hard to describe the scene in the market area– busy cars, buses, taxis going by, people walking along the road, back and forth across the road, children running and playing (they stay with their mother at the market), vendors, buyers, sellers, trucks delivering goods…

Fish Market (1) And on either side is a very deep ditch for the water– often used by people to wash themselves, their goods, their cars and bikes… It is always an adventure just getting through the Fish Market to get to the construction site. It is a great area, with lots of members– the NEW state center will be filled to capacity the day it opens– with four wards. Once we move 6-8 missionaries into the same area, the number of members will just explode!

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