A couple comes home

It was a rare occasion Monday night as the Mission Home celebrated the completion of the successful mission of a local Congalese couple, the Ilunga’s.

Llunga couple farewell (2) Brother Ilunga to the left and Sister Ilunga in the yellow to the right.

Although it is becoming more popular for the youth to go on missions in the Congo, it is unusual for senior couples to serve here. The Ilunga’s are from Lubumbashi and served in several cities around the Congo. Most of their family, the Stake President, and their Bishop (their Bishop actually works in our mission office) were also in attendance at the party held in their honor.

Llunga couple farewell (9) The sisters sat at one table

Llunga couple farewell (10) While the men sat at another table

Llunga couple farewell (12) Terri with Justin’s new baby girl

Terri & Perciany Terri with Perciany, Emanuel’s daughter

***Terri’s edit – Let me say that I am the FIRST white person Perciany has allowed to hold her – must be the pediatrician in me!

Llunga couple farewell (24) We also celebrated the birthdays of two missionaries!

That afternoon I had the opportunity to learn how to make FOO FOO! Sister McMullin knows that most locals want to have their local food, and has someone (Solange – our wonderful compound housekeeper) make it for her–this time I got to watch. It is surprisingly simple: water and flour. Boil water, then add the local flour (manioc) until it becomes the consistency of playdough. They don’t add any salt, pepper, sugar– nothing. Just water and flour. Then they use a deep spoon to form it into baseball size portions.

The rest of the meal was sort of standard fair for here: lingo-linga leaves, fried chicken, fish, vegetables, lots of fruit, and some muffins. A nice spread for about 30 people. Sister McMullin makes large meals quite often, as they hold lots of meetings at the mission home. Who knew one had to be a Chef to go on a mission?

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