My kingdom for a tow-truck

Car accident (2) A car in trouble

Car accident (4) Not sure how this happened

As crazy as the traffic and driving is here in the Congo, this is the first accident I have seen. It looks like the shoulder of the road caved-in, causing the car to roll into the water channel. Most roads, at least in the city, have at least one, and sometimes two, very deep water channels on either side of the road, to aid in sending the water to a local river, especially during the rainy season.

Most of the ditches are made of concrete, or lined with concrete blocks, etc., so most of the time it is ok to travel very close to the edge–or even on the edge–of the water channel. But occasionally, the sides are just dirt, or perhaps asphalt, with no support under them–as happened in this case.

The funny thing about having car problems in the Congo… there are NO tow-trucks here. In most cases, if a car breaks down, it is simply left where it is until the owner can come back to fix it. I have seen countless road-side repairs going on right in the street. Now, I’m not talking about a tire, or some small problem– welding, rebuilding, total remodeling of vehicles goes on, right in the street, where the car died! And if the owner does not come back in time? There are NO tow-trucks… so the vehicle is simply taken apart for parts– and rather quickly. Inner city gangs have nothing on the local Congo workers who find a vehicle left for scrap!

Road to Mbuji Mhai (3) A large truck left for scrap on the road to Laputa

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