Help wanted: info on a machine

I think I may have asked this before, but as we will be going back to Laputa in the near future, I will ask again. We need help finding information about a medical device the hospital in Laputa had– and cannot use, because it was made in China, all the writing is in Chinese, and they lost the owners manual! It is an ultra-sound machine used for scanning pregnant mothers, and for scanning certain types of illnesses.

Laputa Hosp machine 1 Front of the machine

As you can see, it has all Chinese characters where the buttons and controls are. We need to find someone that can 1) read what is on the buttons, and/or 2) find out the maker of the machine and get ahold of an owners manual (translated) for them.

Laputa Hosp machine 2 Closer look at the front

Laputa Hosp machine 3 Spec/info on the back

Laputa Hosp machine 4 Full shot of the back

Laputa Hosp machine 5 Look at the plug for the sensor

Anyway, if anyone can help, let me know! thanks. kc

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