Our trip to Kananga: Part VI: misc

Here are just some misc stuff to think about:

IMG_1209 Local transport for missionaries in Kananga

IMG_1239 everyone works hard to earn a living here

kananga zone conf (15) after zone conf. everyone heads off to their area, using the only local transport: motos

kananga zone conf (25) even those who brought the food for lunch have to carry everything on the back of motor bikes!

Nganza Ward bld (4) Nganza ward where we held zone conference. There is one ward in this building that has a meeting room, and office for the bishop, and two classrooms… for a ward of at least 250 people who attend!

Nganza Ward bld (1) the Primary is actually held on the porch outside!

Nganza Ward bld (9) one of two classrooms

Nganza Ward bld (10) the small hall. to the right is the meeting hall, the small classrooms are to the left, the one office at the end of the hall

stake conf adult session (2) the empty meeting hall

All of the chairs had been moved to the Stake Center to be able to seat more people during Stake Conference. The logistics of this conference was just amazing. The gathered resources from all over the Stake, moving them as needed to different venues as needed. Just mind boggling!

Nganza Ward bld (7) the toilets are out back, with no water

Water is carried here and stored in barrels for use during meetings. The only water source for the entire area is about a ten minute walk from here. All water used by the church for toilets, washing, cleaning, etc., must be hand carried here in bidons or buckets.

Nganza Ward bld (8) one of two toilets, with a bucket of water used to flush

O (12) Terri inspecting a missionary medical kit

All missionaries have emergency supplies: a medical kit, food, cooking charcoal, and water. All missionary companionships have phones: if an emergency happens (such as just happened a few weeks ago, where there was trouble in Lubumbashi), the missionaries are called and told to stay at home until they receive the ‘all clear’. During that time, they use their emergency supplies.

Roadside barber (2) the local barber

Just over the fence from the church were two busy businesses: a barber and a bike repairman. This barber used a two-edged razor and a comb to cut people’s hair. The bike repairman had a set of tools, and simply worked on the side of the road, and both were busy all day.

stake conf general session (1) Just a couple of friendly neighbors

stake conf general session (4) Terri singing and playing with the primary

stake conf general session (7) Brother and Sister Cook spent time with them also. This was one of two ante-rooms that were filled, besides the main theater, during the Sunday conference.

stake conf general session (33) a view from the front during conference

Terri and I had found seats near the back… most of the theater seats in this auditorium had no backs– they had long ago broken, so we looked and found a couple together that had backs! To our surprise, ushers came and got us to bring us up to the front row, where they had reserved seats for us! Wonder how they found us in that crowd…

stake conf general session (67) after the conference there were people everywhere, and we were fortunate to be able to stay (we were one of the last to go home), so we could mingle with all these wonderful people.

stake conf general session (68) Terri was a shining light, and seemed to attract a constant audience of people, especially children.

stake conf general session (80) I enjoyed wandering the crowd

stake conf general session (82) Even when she tried to escape, she was followed around

stake conf general session (84) finally people began to leave

Most had walked, some for miles, to get here for this meeting. It was an all day event for all but a few who lived close by.

stake conf general session (85) some waited their turn for a motor bike transport, others walked home, and others found rides where they could.

stake conf general session (97) Terri was busy all the time. Even here, she was consulting with local doctors, talking to sick members, and even had a long consultation with a bishop and his wife. A medical provider’s job is never over…

stake conf general session (96) This bishop (left) and his wife consulted with Terri three times during our trip about medical issues facing them.

stake conf general session (99) The audience for Terri’s language class

stake conf general session (100) kids followed me, but seemed to keep a distance… I got into a conversation with one youth (in French), and after he gave me a pondering look, I began to tease him about how good my French was, and whether or not he could understand me. I asked him to be honest, and he finally told me: “ne comprende pas”

stake conf general session (103) this was one of many non-members in attendance at the conference. We did our best to talk to him about the church, and told him to get ahold of the missionaries for the discussions– which he seemed anxious to do!

stake conf general session (120) barbarians at the gates?

stake conf general session (123) this child carried his song book everywhere

stake conf general session (124) Elder and Sister Cook, and those from Kinshasa had to catch a plane that afternoon… so they took all the vehicles. Which left the Pres. and Sister McMullin stuck with us waiting our turn for transportation. We were happy to have been left behind so we could meet all the members!

stake conf general session (131) patiently waiting for their turn to go home

stake conf general session (138) he was ready to be a missionary now!

stake conf priesthood (14) oh, the Relief Society meeting in the yard of the Stake Center (while the men were inside)

Terri and singing group (1) terri practicing with a small choir before the first meeting



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