Sewers in the Congo

We continue to have issues with toilets, septic tanks, and sewers in the Congo. Although the landlord should take care of the problem, it seems to be a gray area whenever problems occur at the missionary apartments! I think part of the problem is that there is a general lack of knowledge/tools to fix problems that occur, so they look to us for help.

We have had an issue with one apartment for some time. The owner is trying his best to solve the problem… but it is difficult.

septic problem (1)

This is the backyard of the apartment

septic problem (4)

This is the well they found. They have not been able to find or stop the water from filling up the septic tank… so they have decided to simply raise the walls of the tank above water level, hoping the tank will no longer fill with water…

septic problem (3)

They have then created an overflow for the tank/water: if the water in the septic tank overflows, it will go down this channel… and into the neighbors yard…

not sure how happy the neighbor is going to be…

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