It’s not REALLY all about food . . .

but I know those who are thinking about coming here to serve a mission worry about starving to death. I promise you, you won’t.

Kevan has started baking our bread. The bread here is good – and if you get to the boulangerie, it’s GREAT! But the store-bought bread only lasts for about a day before it’s way too dry to eat any way but toast.

But I digress . . . so Kevan was baking bread today and I suggested that we save half the dough for pizza tonight. I had found a beautiful full-fat mozarella at ma Maison and had pizza sauce, pepperoni, onions and some fresh pineapple we brought home from Kananga. So pizza we did! Well the power is very “low” today – the lights are blinking on and off and when they’re on, well there’s barely any power so barely any light. My pizza should have taken about 15 minutes to bake but it took 45. Of course that’s nothing, because he made banana bread first (my favorite breakfast and bananas here are beautiful and 30 cents apiece), which ended up taking a total of 3 HOURS to bake. Yes, hours. Well, the power to the stove went off for about an hour or 90 minutes half-way through, so it just sat in the oven until the oven turned back on. Any-hoo, I finally got to bake my pizza and it came out beautifully! See for yourself. MMMmmm . . .

Homemade Pizza

About tclawson

I am a PA (physician assistant) currently currently serving a mission with my husband, Kevan, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are serving on St. Martin/Sint Maarten in the West Indies Mission.
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