Couples living in the Congo

The Congo is an interesting enigma for couples on a mission–at least in some cities in the Congo. Terri and I expected to live in extremely austere conditions during our mission… and had we been living in the Northern cities of Mbuji Mayi, Mwene-Ditu, or Laputa for example, we surely would be having issues with power and water. But living in Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, or Lakasi, for example, it is almost an upgrade of living conditions!

The prime example is the new home being rented for use by couples in Likasi:

Couples home Likasi (4)

Like all missionary homes in the Congo, the house is surrounded by a wall and wire, with a locking gate, for safety.

Couples home Likasi (6)


It has a beautiful entrance

Couples home Likasi (7) A full garage, and a small, separate apartment in the back

Couples home Likasi (9) Down the right side

Couples home Likasi (11)In the back

Couples home Likasi (11)There is a back entry from the kitchen area

Couples home Likasi (14)Across from the back porch is an outdoor sink and washing area

Couples home Likasi (13)

There is a open area with a wash line

Couples home Likasi (16)This is the other side of the small separate apartment in the back. The small building on the right is a separate toilet, sink and shower for workers. The small bldg. on the left is the laundry.

Couples home Likasi (20)The laundry comes with a washing machine, but has room for a dryer (although no one here has a dryer – everything dries in about an hour on the line) and some storage

Couples home Likasi (22)The small apartment has a good sized living room area

Couples home Likasi (23)The flat’s bedroom

Couples home Likasi (24)And a small bathroom with shower

Couples home Likasi (40)

When you go through the front door, you enter a large living room/dining room area.

Couples home Likasi (39)

Couples home Likasi (41)

It even has an entertainment center… oh, did I tell you? All the furniture comes with the house!

Couples home Likasi (37)You come through some doors

Couples home Likasi (38)And down a long hall. There are three large bedrooms and two full baths (one bedroom has a bath, the other bedrooms would use the other bath across the hall).

Couples home Likasi (31)

I will just show you one of the bedrooms, as they all look the same. They all have similar beds and furnishings.

Couples home Likasi (30)

Couples home Likasi (27)

Couples home Likasi (25)

The two bathrooms are similar also


Couples home Likasi (32)

The first door to the right down the hall is the kitchen area, which also leads to a door to the back porch.

Couples home Likasi (33)

It has a full kitchen, and even a bar and stools– for those tough missionary days when you just have to have a drink…. (of soda, of course!)

Couples home Likasi (34)There is a freezer and a pantry to the right of the kitchen area

So, now that you have had the tour… anyone want to come serve a mission in the Congo?

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