A good day in the Congo

I had a productive day today in the Congo. This was how it went:

As soon as I got into the office, the Wrights began having problems with their power. We have two back-up systems for the office equipment: batteries and also a generator. It seems as though nothing was working, so I investigated and found that the plug they were using had shorted out, and melted.

Emanuel had an extra wall plug in his car, so we pulled the old one out of the wall, and put a new one in… we took care to shut off all the power– which meant nothing, as there was still power going to the wires! (we have yet to figure out how the office, or homes, were wired here… each building can have some things working while others things are off, and it switches back and forth…). So we ‘carefully’ rewired a plug, tested it, and got them back up and running.

Then we worked on the President’s car. Fixed a slow leak in a tire; fixed the oil leak (the car had an oil change, and they had put the wrong size oil filter in the car, so it was leaking– I saw the problem as soon as I looked) by having them put in the correct filter; put on new windshield wipers (now this was a Congo miracle! We had been looking for windshield wipers for a long time… with no success. With all the rain, dirt, and other stuff here, it becomes impossible to see out the window without good wipers– and all of us were having problems. But we finally found some, and they work well).

Tire repair

The local tire repair shop. Just one man and a couple of tools.

In the afternoon, Emanuel and I made some deliveries (many missionaries are going home, coming, and being transferred this week, so we are moving furniture around, getting new mattresses, wardrobes, etc., to prepare their apartments for the changes). When we went downtown to pickup some things, we got stuck waiting, so we decided to wait in a little ‘yogurt cafe’.

Congo Cafe

People in the Congo love yogurt, especially to drink (it is like a thick milk shake). So in this little, and very busy café, they serve sandwiches, bakery items, and lots of milk products, and yogurt. Emanuel and I had his favorite: a small bottle of vanilla yogurt/milk, a roll of bread with lots of butter (it looked like a cheese sandwich, but just had butter in it), and a sausage. You take a bite of sausage, then the buttered roll, then a drink of yogurt… listening to Congo music video.

This is the life, eh?

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