Société de Secours (Relief Society) in Mwimbila

Kevan mentioned in his post how crowded priesthood was. I’m here to tell you, it had nothing on Relief Society. It was CROWDED and that’s saying a lot seeing that I was in a Daybreak Ward that regularly squeezed 70-80 sisters in the RS room. It was such a big RS that we finally had to meet in the Chapel.

The Mwimbila RS has a room that measures 15 feet wide x 13 feet long. When I sat down, there were 20 women and 5 children and that was pretty well stuffed with the poor teacher pushing her back against the whiteboard and the first row’s knees just a foot in front of her. But enough words . . . how ’bout a few pictures? Oh, we finished with 35 women and 7 babies and children in that 15×13 room!

IMG_0124Sorry Liz about the backlighting – I need to try and sit next to windows ! I’m 4 sisters in the wall, so there are 8-9 of us on the back row.

IMG_0121 IMG_0126 IMG_0127Where does one sit when there’s no more room for chairs? Well, we all scootched our chairs to our right just a little bit more, they put two more chairs up front nearly against the front wall and sat some in front of an open door. Everyone was quite calm about the whole thing.



About tclawson

I am a PA (physician assistant) currently currently serving a mission with my husband, Kevan, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are serving on St. Martin/Sint Maarten in the West Indies Mission.
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