2nd Trip to Luputa IV: Tutracom Motel

This is the entrance to the hotel we stayed at for two days while in Mwene Ditu, and another night on the way back from Luputa. Just outside the gate was a police station, which had several prisoners who were in for the night.

Mwene Ditu (8)

The owner, and member of the Church, Jean Pierre, with one of his 44 children, at his well. This is one of the few wells in Mwene Ditu. It is about 100 meters deep, and has never run out of water (the water level was about 20 feet down). You drop the yellow bidon down the hole, then use the pulley in front to wind the rope up, until the full bidon is above the metal opening. Neighbors can use the well for a small price: $50 franks per bidon (about .05 cents).

Mwene Ditu (32)

The house where they live, a small grass coveredĀ cabana to the right where we ate, and you can see our orange bundle of mattresses ready for the trip.

Mwene Ditu (74)

This is one of two wings of rooms where we stayed. Each room was big enough for a bed and a small table or desk. Like the boarding houses in the early 20th century, there was one bathroom shared by all the guests staying at the hotel.

Mwene Ditu (75)

As usual, as soon as people found out there was a doctor in the area, they were soon lined up to get checked by Terri.

Mwene Ditu (76)

This is the picture of this good member family (and some of his children)

Mwene Ditu (81)

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