2nd Trip to Luputa VI: Luputa Zone Conference

After Zone Conference in Luputa, the Elders gathered together for a picture:

Laputa Elders (4)

Then we had lunch, prepared by the local Relief Society:

Laputa RS diner (1)

The meal consisted of Foo Foo and manioc, rice, goat, veggies, spaghetti, etc., all cooked with loving care by the Sisters of Luputa.

Laputa RS diner (2)

Here one sister is grinding peppers for a hot sauce to go with the meal

Laputa RS diner (3)

The food is laid out on a long table

Laputa RS diner (5)

They use the ENTIRE goat here in the Congo! Here is the goat’s head being boiled, after which anything edible is added to the ‘goat stew’ that is eaten with the rice or the Foo Foo. The sauce made from this goat was just fabulous, in fact, my favorite meals since being in the Congo have all been goat meat.

Laputa RS diner (7) Laputa RS diner (8)

Chairs were brought from the church next door, and we ate in the same room the food was prepared.

Laputa RS diner (9) Laputa RS diner (10) Laputa RS diner (11) Laputa RS diner (12) Laputa RS diner (13) Laputa RS diner (14) Laputa RS diner (16)

Here is the ‘goat stew’ that we all shared. The only downside of the preparation is that they leave all the bones in the meal– they simply chop everything up and put it all in a pot. We found the same thing on Tinian, and in Asia. They do not ‘butcher’ their meat as we do in the states, just cut everything up in small pieces, bone and all.

Laputa RS diner (17)

The manioc that is boiled and eaten with the Foo Foo

Laputa RS diner (18)

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One Response to 2nd Trip to Luputa VI: Luputa Zone Conference

  1. William Moore says:

    Two weeks ago the bishop read a letter from the First Presidency encouraging the members to contribute to the missionary fund. With 14 elders in Laputa, 4 in Ndanjandika (sp) and 16 in MM, we can see a need for more funds. “8” sisters in MM!! We never envisioned sisters there. Your photos of Laputa bring back vivid memories, but we didn’t get lost on our simple walk down the Main Street. And Codefroid drove us around one afternoon. You saw it up close. We admire YOUR pioneering spirit. The early poor Saints in Kirtland subsisted on corn meal like the Saints in the Congo on foo foo. We hope to see during our lifetime the Congo blossom as a rose. Only the gospel and the Hand of The Lord will make it happen

    The Moores Sent from my iPhone

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