2nd Trip to Luputa VIII: Luputa misc.

Here are some more pics of Luputa:

Pres. McMullin talking to a missionary the day we arrived in Luputa
Laputa (4)

This is one of many water stations developed as part of a water project by the LDS Church in Luputa.

Laputa (10)

This is the school next door to the Stake Center where some members stayed during Stake Conference. You can see the bamboo frames that were installed, that were later covered with orange tarps, to protect members from the sun during conference.

Laputa (11)

A ‘happy birthday’ celebration for some of the missionaries. Each time the McMullins travel, they take time to remember the birthdays of their elders, and give them a small gift. The best part is singing ‘happy birthday’! We usually hear it 3-4 times… once in each of the languages spoken by the missionaries!

Laputa (148)

This missionary is carrying chairs to the Relief Society lunch… just life imitating life! Most of the children carry their own chairs to school each day in the same way!

Laputa (149)

One group of elders live in a home about a block from the Stake Center. Remember, there is NO water in Luputa (other than through the spigots provided by the Church water project), so elders have to bring bidons to the Stake Center to fill them, and bring them back home to use for cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.

Laputa (196) Laputa (205) Laputa (208)  Laputa (212) Laputa (213)

Just a few of the local priesthood waiting for conference to begin.

Laputa (214) Laputa (271) Laputa (436)

Elders love to have their pictures taken together!

Laputa (437)

These good sisters worked very hard to cook for members who had traveled from out of town to conference.

Laputa (438) Laputa (439)

These good men represent the local leadership of the wards and Stake here in Luputa

Laputa (451) Laputa (457)

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