2nd Trip to Luputa XII: Meeting Houses

Here is the choir that sang at Stake Conference. I hope to upload some film of them singing.

Laputa choir (2)

Sister McMullin attempting to calmly hand out some church literature, and pictures of Jesus to the children of Luputa… and she was mobbed~

Laputa SR McMullin (4)

Even the most simple task is hard in the Congo! There is a generator at the Stake Center to provide electricity. It takes diesel gas to run. This is a picture of men attempting to get diesel out of a large barrel, and into a yellow bidon, so they can then fill the generator with gas from the bidon…

Laputa Stake Center (43)

One of the three meeting houses for LDS members in Luputa. The land is fenced off as this building will soon be demolished and a new modern chapel will be built. The first thing that was done in the planning was to install a protective fence around the property, drill and install a separate water well, and install a water tank and tower. They also installed a generator and a small building with new toilets.

Laputa Ward I (1)

This small building is now being used for 2 congregations of about 4oo people (who meet at separate times). This building will be demolished and a new, larger building will be constructed. Perhaps next year?

Laputa Ward I (2)

The water tower/well; the building on the left is the generator, the larger building are toilets.

Laputa Ward I (4)

The baptismal font for the church.

Laputa Ward I (6)

The next two pictures are the other church in Luputa. They were previously a school (you can see the name of the school still on the main building). The three buildings below are used for Sunday services. The first building is used as a classroom; the large center building is used for Sacrament meetings, and larger classes; the last small building is used for a classroom.

Laputa Ward II (1)

This building is used by the two bishops (like the other buildings, there are two congregations that meet here each sunday). There are two offices and several rooms used for storage and classrooms.

Laputa Ward II (2)

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