A chicken in every pot

One of the fun things about living here in the Congo is seeing people carrying around live chickens, and other animals, they will be having for dinner. Since there are few homes with refrigerators, everything must be cooked fresh, or it will spoil– so they buy their meat fresh, and kill and eat it the same day.

On our trip home from Luputa our driver, Cotefoit, bought a chicken to have for dinner:

Mwene Ditu (133)

The morning we left, I opened the back of the truck to put in my suitcase, and to my surprise: a chicken was in the truck! We piled bags all around the chicken (the back was full!), and I thought for sure the chicken would be dead by the time we arrived in Mbuji Mayi… but no, buried in the back, out came the live chicken– only to be eaten that night!

Oh well, c’est la vie?

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