The children in the Congo are just fine, thank you

We have traveled around the Congo quite a bit since arriving here, and have seen hundreds of children, both in the city and ‘in the bush’ so to speak. To our surprise, we have yet to see one child that is malnourished, abused, or unhappy. After seeing countless TV ads, documentaries, etc., about the problems in Africa, we were expecting to see the same here in the Congo (supposedly the lowest per capita income of ANY nation); and yet, we have yet to see those problems here.

No question that they live a sparse existence– similar to what they have lived for hundreds, if not thousands of years. But they have good family relationships, and the children seem to be well fed, and are often seen playing, and happy.

Just thought you should know, it isn’t always as it appears on the TV’s of America!

After all: we have yet to see ANY ‘African’ animals, AND it is cold in Lubumbashi! Cold! Who would have figured?

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