Brick ovens

I have had a tough time getting a picture of the ovens that they use to fire the bricks/adobe they use to build their homes here. The reason is that they use the same bricks to build the oven as they will use to build the home. Once the bricks are baked, the oven is torn down to build the home!
Brick oven (5)

Here is an oven all ready to be fired. The oven on the left has been made out of water and dirt from the hill on the right.

Brick oven (3)

You can see some of the bricks still on the ground next to the hill they were made from.

Brick oven (4)

The ‘oven’ is made out of the bricks they will use to build their home. Rather than have a separate oven that the bricks are put ‘into’ to fire, the bricks themselves are the oven, and the inside is filled with charcoal (you can see the charcoal coming out of the holes in the side, used to permit air into the combustion chamber)

Brick oven (1)

Once it is built, filled with fuel, and fired, it takes 2-3 days to burn out. At that point the bricks are done and ready to use. The only downside is that the bricks are only fired on one side (although I suppose the heat will harden the entire brick).


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