More misc: Brick ovens, solar panels, water for baptisms

Here is a before pic of a homemade brick oven:

Brick oven (4)

The fuel used is charcoal

Brick oven (1)

After it is lit, it seems to collapse on itself

Brick oven cooking (1)

But you can still see the smoke coming out of the oven as it cooks. This one has been burning for a few days.

Brick oven cooking (2) Solar panel 7

A solar panel on a missionary apartment. We are installing solar power in areas where they have little or no electricity.

Solar panel 6

Here is a picture of the Church member who installed the system, showing how it works.

Solar panel 9

Another house where the system has been installed. The missionaries were thrilled! They can now read their scriptures and study at night, and have power to charge their phones and dvd players, etc. Before this, it got dark at about 6pm and they had to try to use rechargeable lamps (with no power to recharge the lamps…). It is tough in some parts of the Congo– no power and no water (they have to buy their water!)

Stake cistern (1)

This is a cistern at the Lubumbashi Stake Center. Even in a large city the water is unreliable, so it is necessary to store water.

Stake cistern (2)

The small gas pump used to pump the water from the cistern

Stake cistern (4) Stake cistern (5)

And why would they need water? For baptisms of course! On this day they were having to pump water from the cistern and into the baptismal font in preparation for a baptism.

Stake Baptism (6)

Oh the work that goes into having a baptism, or two, or… well, on this day there were Seven! I guess the water was worth the effort!

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