Wells and car wrecks

Here are some more great picks of the new well being dug at the Mwembila apartment and some other things we passed by as Terri and I were shepherding sick elders and sisters back and forth to the hospital and doctor’s appointments:

charcoal truck (1)

Hard to believe the amount of charcoal they can load on top of an already loaded taxi!

charcoal truck (2) charcoal truck (3)  charcoal truck (5) truck wreck (1)

This charcoal truck missed the edge of some roadwork…

truck wreck (2) truck wreck (3) well (1)

The start of an unbelievable precision dug well, right in the middle of a concrete courtyard

well (2) well (3) well (4) well (5)

Just a couple of days later, the elders living in the house were using the well to get water (they have water filters for drinking and cooking)

well (6) well (7) well (8) well (9) well (10) well (11)

Look how clear the water is! I expected it to be a little muddy or cloudy, but it was very clear

well (12)

The amazing thing is that this well was dug by hand, and as far as I can tell, without any kind of measuring instruments…and yet the well is perfectly round, and perfectly straight up and down! I am so impressed!

well (13) well (14) well (15) well (16)

You can see the occasional hole he cuts into the side of the wall to use as footholds to climb in and out of the well. As this is the dry season, the well should be good for water year round. In the next week or so we will get a water tank to hold water, and a water pump to pump water into the house.


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