Upemba Apt for Sisters

We are always trying to find good homes to rent for the missionaries here. It is difficult to find them in the areas they are assigned to work. Recently we found a home we will be moving 6 sister to, that is right in the middle of three areas (one area/ward for each set of missionaries– the  Pres. is trying to put a set of missionaries in each ward in the Congo). In addition, the home is just a few houses away from Bishop Justin (who works in our mission office). It was quite a find, and a beautiful home.


Unlike many missionary apartments, this one has a water tower and tank so that they will always have water available.


The front gate of the new house


The front door and entry courtyard. The red on the ground to the left is the well.


They have an outdoor kitchen area


As well as an indoor kitchen


Here are the owners putting up the curtains in the salon.


There are four bedrooms, and two bathrooms


Typical bathroom/shower combination


Well for the house. This house has both city water and a well, although the well will be used most of the time, as it is more reliable than the city water


Cover to the well in front of the house.

This will be a home that is used for a long time, as it is located in the center of three districts. Since we have additional sisters coming on missions, we continue to look for homes for the missionaries.

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