Water tanks

Last week we finally bought and delivered water tanks to several missionary apartments, in an ongoing effort to provide water and power to our missionaries in the field. We had some small steel platforms made to raise the tanks far enough off the ground for the missionaries to be able to fill their bidons with water, then bought plastic water tanks to hold water for emergency purposes–when their normal water does not work.

water tanks (1)

The tank and stand at one of the missionary apartments. This is the same apartment we recently dug a well. We will install a small submersible pump into the well to feed the tank, and the apartment with water. Should their power go off, they can still get water from the tank.

water tanks (2)

The back of the truck used to tank the tanks to various apartments

water tanks (3)

Emanuel standing at the back of the truck after off-loading one tank

water tanks (5)

The truck that carried three large tanks around Lubumbashi

water tanks (6)

Emanuel rolling one of the tanks down the road to the apartment (the road was inaccessible to the large truck). We had further problems, as the tank would not fit through the gate… so we had to hoist it over the wall!

water tanks (8)

Typical steel platform we are using to place the tanks.

water tanks (10)

When they installed the gate they cemented one side of the door solid…so we could only open one side–too small for the tank to go through! So we got all the missionaries together and lifted the tank up and over the top of the wall!

water tanks (11)

The capped well from where the water will come to fill the tank, and pump water into the house.

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