Congo Money

Congo money is quite interesting. No matter how bad of condition it is in it is usable. Here are some examples. Notice that the notes used most are the lower ones. The 500 frank is perhaps the most universally used (about 50 cents). I use them to give tips to everyone and anyone helping us throughout the day. Parking ‘helpers’ (they help you back out of parking when it is busy); package carriers; shoe shiners; etc. You can pull out a large wad of Congolese money, and it is in reality just a few dollars!

Congo money (1)

Used very seldom on the street.

Congo money (3)

Hate these small bills– like carrying a pocket full of nickles around: you can’t buy anything with them, they just take up space.

Congo money (4)

Congo money (5)

The most used bill: 500 franks.

Congo money (6)

Now, keep in mind that in order to use US dollars, they have to be in mint condition! Even the smallest tear or blemish will mean they can and usually do refuse to take the money… and yet their own money looks as though it has been through the wash a few times..

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