Kakonda Branch

We traveled to Kakonda again in an attempt to find a place for missionaries to live while working there (now, they must travel for an hour each way from Likasi to work in Kakonda).

While there we met the Branch President and he showed us his home, which was the first ‘church’ in Kakonda. As a member, he moved his family there, converted another family, and soon had twelve people meeting in his humble home.

Kadonda 1st Church (1)

Elder Wright entering the home of the Branch Pres.

Kadonda 1st Church (2)


The small road they live on

Kadonda 1st Church (3)

Their home is grouped in among several other homes

Kadonda 1st Church (4)  Kakonda Baptism river (5)

They have no baptismal font, so when they have baptisms they travel down to the nearby stream– where they also do their wash, and just play

Kakonda Baptism river (6)

Kakonda Baptism river (8)

lots of children were there swimming and playing in the water as their mothers worked to wash the families clothes

Kakonda Baptism river (11) Kakonda Baptism river (13) Kakonda bridge (1)

There is one rickety bridge that goes into the town to the mine. All vehicles, including large trucks and semi-s have to travel over this bridge

Kakonda mine (1)

The mine that created this small town of Kakonda

Kakonda mine (2) Kakonda mine (3)

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