Likasi well

Brick wall

Typical Congo hand-made brick wall (what? your not interested?)


A Congo tow-truck (Amazing what people can do when they set their minds to work.)


Just another day at the charcoal factory…


This is the well we found in the Likasi apartment. Right next to this is a large cistern that can be filled with water. On previous trips I had seen the cistern, but not the well. On this trip I checked everything, and found the well!


It produces very clear water, even after being unused for so long. Once they begin using it, it will become even more clear. Of course, for drinking and cooking they still put the water through a filter, but for washing floors, flushing toilets, etc., not a problem!


This is  look down the well. The other wells we have seen are perfectly round.


The well, with a large concrete cistern to the right


The group pondering the discovery of the well. It solved the water problem instantly!

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