Luano Ward upgrade

One of the local wards we most enjoy attending on Sunday is the small Luano ward just outside Lubumbashi. One of the problems this small ward has is that the chapel area gets very hot (the picture below shows how the sun hits the windows during services). Anyone sitting near the windows gets baked, and the entire room heats up.

Luano Branch 1

The problem is that the windows open IN. That means that you have a choice, open the drapes so that you can open the windows to let fresh air in…and bake in the sun; or close the windows and the drapes to protect from the sun, and bake anyway because there is no breeze…

Luano Branch 4

This is the Sacrament meeting room, with the bright windows along the sides.

Luano windows (1)

One day, while baking in the sun next to the window, and pondering how to solve this problem for them, Terri came up with a great idea: install awnings over the windows! That way they could open the drapes and windows without letting the sun in.

Luano windows (2)

I put this item on a list with some other items in a message to the local FM group, and then didn’t give it much thought, as we didn’t attend this church for about a month or so (we were either traveling or attending another small branch). To my surprise, when we returned, the FM group had followed-up on our suggesting and put small awnings over the windows.

I had not noticed the change until we were sitting near the windows during sacrament. A cool breeze was coming in the open windows and I wondered why I wasn’t baking like the last time I was there… I looked up and saw the awing! What a difference this little project has made! The entire room was noticeably cooler, and those sitting next to the windows, instead of having the worst seats (too hot), now had the best seats (very cool).

Progress is being made here in the Congo!

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