Marriage Partners

Wedding Partners
In the Congo when a couple gets engaged to be married they choose a married couple they admire to be their wedding partners. This married couples’ job is to teach and train the soon-to-be-married couple in the ways of marriage—all aspects of marriage—from what to do on the wedding night to how to set-up a home, how to work-out disagreements, etc.
Most of the training is done together, as couples, as they talk about married life and how to get along, etc. Training about sex is done separately.
Emanuel spoke about this as we drove to Likasi the last time. He said he chose a couple that he knew and admired (they seemed to have a good marriage), but they turned out to be terrible at the job! They didn’t quite know what to do, gave little counsel, and were not much help in resolving disputes. He brought the subject up because he and his wife Marlyn were recently asked to be marriage partners to another couple. He was determined to do a good job.
It sounds like it was good for his marriage too, as they both had to ‘train’ a new couple on how to have a good marriage…which meant that they both had to think about their own marriage. They also were able to throw in some good gospel concepts, like Eternal Marriage, while discussing how to make one’s marriage last.
Anyway, I thought it was a great idea and concept: marriage partners. Kind of like having someone take you by the hand when you go through the Temple for the first time….you can have a trusted couple take you through one of the most important and stressful experiences of your life, and get great advice and help along the way. Not a bad idea to adopt in the USA!

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