Golf gate

Today we had to repair the metal gate at the Golf Apartment (this is the ‘hotel’ we have missionaries stay at when visiting the Mission Home). As mentioned in a previous posting, all hinges here are welded on. This means that if one breaks you have to hire a welder to fix it! We found a welder, but had issues with power. We tried our small portable generator, then hauled the Eastman’s larger, heavy generator to the site, and it too failed to run the welding machine!

The owner happened to come by and said he had a welder (at that point we thought it was the welder that was the problem), so he had someone bring it to the apartment. While we waited we talked to the owner, who happened to be a minister of a local church. It was an interesting conversation, especially about ‘what is the holy spirit’.

His welder didn’t work either, until they brought a very long extension cord and hooked it into an exterior power source. Suddenly it began working (so the problem was with our generator), and we were able to fix the gate. Turns out that the local generators are built with a very low breakers (they shut off very easily). Everyone here just by-passes the breaker switches so they can use the generators normally.

Golf gate (2)

The gate to Golf apartment

Golf gate (3)

Eastman generator we tried to use to weld the gate

Golf gate (4)

The broken gate

Golf gate (6)

The welder working. He is a member of the church, a returned missionary that has been trained by the Church’s construction program.

Golf gate (10)

Finished weld at the gate

Golf gate (13)

Four men work to put back Eastman’s generator

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