Golf solar panel

This week we installed a new solar system in the local Golf apartment. This apartment is where all the missionaries stay when they come to and through the Mission Home. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a large dorm room with 7 bunk beds. Normally four missionaries stay there, but often it is completely full.

They have been having issues with their power, and with so many missionaries staying there, it was decided to put in a solar system so they have emergency lighting. It doesn’t give them power to run anything large–like stoves, irons, etc.–but they can have lights at night and charge their phones and cd players.


This is the power converter and battery set-up. When you want light, you just turn it on!


Take a guess which light is the normal ‘Congo’ light and which one is the new solar light!


There are four small solar panels on the roof, and should give them up to 10 hours of power–depending upon what they are using.

Solar power is expensive, but when there is no alternative, it is great. Once installed there is basically no maintenance and you have power all the time and every day.

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