The Brick Oven, wells, and furniture

We have a hard time finding furniture for the new apartments that we are opening to support the influx of new missionaries. You seldom can find a store with what you need, and if you find them in a store, they cost a lot.

In lieu of purchasing in a store, we try to find carpenters to make the furniture we need. This gives them work, and we get better prices for our needs. The following are some pictures of the furniture being made for us.


We use small tables for study tables (each missionary pair has a study table and two chairs in their room), and a large salon table for eating (each apartment has a dining table and chairs for each missionary).


Of course, each missionary has a bed and mattress (we recently found a source of mattresses–a big find for us).


Each apartment has at least two shelves/bookcases. One for the kitchen and one for the salon.


Each missionary has a personal ‘guardrobe’ where he can put his clothes and personal items.

As we reach the end of the dry season many wells are going dry. We recently had to hire a well digger to: 1. deepen two wells and 2. create a new well at a missionary apartment.


Here are some pics of the poor well-digger than had to climb down into the well and begin digging it deeper. Of course, the deeper he goes the more difficult it becomes, as he has to both dig and fight the water pouring in around him!


One well was almost 100 feet deep! You could not see him down at the bottom! He has a lot of courage to climb down that deep of hole to work.


This is the well pump we will be using at Mwembila to pump water out of the well and into one of our new water tanks.

The following pics are night shots of Emanuel’s brick oven. Last week we watched him finish the oven, and we helped him fire the charcoal to begin the burn. As the week went on, the fire inside became hotter and hotter. He took these at night (the oven was great entertainment for the community at night!)


When the wind blows, the charcoal on top of the oven creates a great light show!


There is a deep red glow coming from the coals inside and on top of the oven.


Next week, as the oven cools, he will open the oven and begin to remove and use or sell the fired bricks.

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