Transport Driver

Transport driver
I believe I may have earned my transport drivers license last Saturday when we all went to dinner with Elder Cook. It was decided that we should all go together in the new van (11 of us: four couples, Elder Cook and his two companions), and that I should drive.
Everything was going smoothly until our last turn on the road to the restaurant. It was a left-hand turn, but there was nowhere to go—there was a line of cars and semi-trucks stopped as far as the eye could see. There was an obvious traffic problem as most of the vehicles were not only stopped but had their engines turned off. I sat there for a while debating my options, but the longer I sat, the more things got backed up around us on every side.
The only lane open was the lane to the left, or traffic that was coming the opposite direction. Whatever was causing the traffic jam was also blocking the cars coming the other direction. True to form, it wasn’t long before an aggressive transport driver saw that opening and turned to drive the wrong direction up the street, passing all the stopped traffic.
I thought, why not? I could use him as a blocker in front of me and at least get us close to the restaurant. So to everyone’s surprise, I turned left, following the other transport, going the wrong way up the street, but passing all the stopped traffic!
It wasn’t long before we got to where the restaurant was (with the traffic still parked as far as you could see ahead of us, and in front of the restaurant. At the same time, a car came the other way, so I pulled off to the side of the road on the left and parked. Everyone got out and crossed the street to the restaurant, while I considered my next move.
Those who had just left yelled at me and pointed to a small opening between a large semi and the car in front. There might be just enough room for me to squeeze between them and get to a parking place on the other side, next to the restaurant! Sure enough, with a little finesse I was able to get the van between the vehicles and into the parking space.
We all ate and had a great time, and by the time we left all the traffic was gone, so I had no trouble getting back out and taking everyone home.
Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Of course, I’m not sure how well this technique will transfer over to my driving when back in the States…

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