Bel Air well

Here are some pictures of a new well we had dug at Bel Air apartment. Once again, it is an apartment without water (it had enough water we put in a small holding tank, to get them through the dry days, but recently the water has been totally gone).

Bell Air well (1)

This is a picture of the concrete cap that will be placed over the well. You can see the well in the background, with a pipe coming out and hooking to the tank. We have a pump down in the well to pump water to the holding tank. When there is electricity, the missionaries turn on the pump and fill the tank, then use the water from the tank. When there is no electricity, and if the tank is empty, they can still get water from dropping a bucket down through the hole and into the well, and hand-drawing up the water.

Bel Air well (6)

There was a lot of dirt and stone they had to go through to find water. This well is about 50 feet deep–all hand dug.

Bel Air well (2)

A picture of the well. It still amazes me how exact and straight their work is!

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