Where is your protection?

One of the reasons we have faith in Christ and follow His teachings is to have peace in this world. No matter how comfortable, safe, or wealthy one might be…it is an illusion. Like Job, we could lose everything we have at any time–sometimes from ‘acts of God’ like storms or natural disasters, sometimes from our own mistakes, sometimes due to the theft and/or greed of others.

Recently, after a long period of calm, we have had several break-ins at missionary apartments. In one instance, while the missionaries were at church, thieves used a heavy steel bar to break the steel window protection, and thus gained access to the house. In another instance the thieves came in during the night, found a way in, and stole things.

We spend a great deal of time making sure missionary apartments are clean and safe. Each Zone Conference, and every training conference, time is spent talking about safety. But no matter how much one might try to do, things happen.

Bel Air break in (5)

The steel on one window was broken.

Bel Air break in (2)

The other side was pulled right out of the wall!

It is why we choose to put Christ and His Kingdom first in our lives: because then, no matter what may befall us, we will have peace in this world, and Eternal Life in the world to come!

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