New Mwene Ditu Branch

WD new ward (2)

The building and grounds are surrounded by a wall for security.

WD new ward (4)

To the left is the small home being used by the small branch (well, not so small! this branch just split from the other Mwene Ditu branch, and it has about 300 members that attend!). The building to the right is just an empty shell now, but is being fixed-up to be used as the chapel.

WD new ward (12)

This is a living room that is used as the chapel. It holds about 70 people. The problem is that there are about 300 members that come each Sunday! During sacrament they sit in the RS room across the hall, ALL children stay in the Primary Room, and many sit outside behind this room, and along the side next to the windows, in order to attempt to hear the sermon.

WD new ward (9)

A typical bedroom that has been changed into a classroom.

WD new ward (15)

A larger bedroom used as the relief society room.

WD new ward (16)

This out building will be the chapel area, when finished.

WD new ward (17)

This will be the chapel when finished. We guessed it would hold about 200 people… still too small for the current needs of the branch. The growth of the Church in the Congo is both miraculous and problematic!

WD new ward (28)

A small out building used for storage.

WD new ward (6)

They have a great water tower and tank– just one problem: no water! The tank is hooked to local city water, but the city either has no water, or low water pressure (not enough to push the water up to the tank). They need a well, and a pump, that can be used to pump water from the well and into the tank for storage (we recently dug a well for our missionaries, just a few blocks away from this site).

I have been promoting the idea of using a three-fold method of water usage in the Congo:

1. City water

2. Well water

3. Rain water

Every building and home in the Congo should have all three capabilities. If one doesn’t work, the others might. However, in the dry season, even these three sometimes fail!

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