A death on the road

While Terri and I were out visiting sick missionaries we passed a man laying on the side of the road. There was a small crowd around the man (it was just up the street from the mission home), and we stopped to see if we could help.

After Terri examined the man she found that he was, in fact, dead. Some in the crowd had called the police. The man had died recently–we did not pass him when we left the mission home, and an hour later he was there and dead. Shortly after we arrived a car with local security personnel arrived and began questioning people. We soon left, as there was nothing we could do. Just as we were leaving a car with military personnel pulled up–after that EVERYONE left the scene.

The body was gone when we went out again later that morning. Not sure what they do with an unknown dead body (there was no ID on the body). It was disturbing.

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