John Clawson video

My brother and nephew traveled to California to video the life history of my uncle John Clawson, my father’s older brother. He is the last of that generation of Clawsons. One thing I can promise: the Clawson’s have the most incredible stories of any family I know of! Part of the reason is that some of the Clawson’s were reprobates…but that makes the stories all the more interesting!

John Clawson 1

John was famous for using dynamite for practical jokes… no, really! He told his father he was going to put an m-80 firecracker in an old tree stump to help him get rid of the stump. His father laughed and said ok, and they all went out to watch… But instead of an m-80, he put in a half stick of dynamite. When it went off, it not only blew up the stump, but a metal band surrounding the stump flew back at the crowd and cut right through a barrel next to his father!

Just a snippet of a story from one of the Clawson brothers! Can’t wait to hear the final edited film.

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