Misc odds and ends

Lubumbashi  0613 (22)

I never get tired of seeing just how many people they can fit into one of the transports here in the Congo! And then, they drive like mad trying to get as many passengers as they can each day, putting all in the transport at risk of life and limb.

Lubumbashi  0613 (42)

The roadside stands are also a fun thing to view as we travel. Anyone can set-up a little store anywhere at anytime–just pick a place along the road and put out your goods! There is a never-ending variety of things one can find along the road.

Lubumbashi  0613 (52)


Lubumbashi 05 20 2013 (33)

I also never tire of seeing the variety of things women can and do carry on their heads here. Any one of them could join a circus or carnival with their talent to walk and balance odd objects on their heads while walking over very uneven roads.


Water remains the most significant problem in the Congo, even during the rainy season. Anyone having water to share is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.


No trip goes by without seeing this sight: a truck broken down on the side of the road and one or a few men working to fix their vehicle. It is surprising there is not more vehicles broken down, considering the loads they put on them!



They don’t have a lot of meat available in the Congo–it is too expensive for most people–but they do have a lot of vegetables and fruits. Some of the best apples I have ever had have been here in Lubumbashi. Who knew?



I love to walk through the little villages in the Congo. Most are exactly alike, since they all use the same materials to build their homes: the clay they fire into bricks.




Road to MD (128)

In spite of all the trials and problems the people of the Congo face, there is always time for kids to be kids. All children find the time and place to play and have fun. Sometimes I just wish I could lay down my own troubles and join them!




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